Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT discusses the strategies at the crossroads of the Social Enterprise (R)Evolution

Despite of the various on-going projects many companies are struggling with the sustainable success of their Social Business initiatives. Only a few companies have leveraged the real business value of social technology for their organizations. As the European gathering of Social Business experts and practioneers the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT in Paris on March 20 & 21 2013 discusses therefore the critical factors on how to enable the transition towards a new model of organization that supports better processes and enables a new kind of business value generation. While social technology is widely spread in today’s corporate world only a few organizations have been taking up the real challenge to the transformative power behind it. The adoption of social technology and the enabled organizational model behind it is about a shift in the way companies work. It’s a shift from the hierarchical information and coordination model to a decentralized and distributed network of power and authority based on knowledge, trust, credibility and a focus on results - as Jon Husband defines it in the notion of the “Wirearchy”. Within this new cultural approach management thinkers are seeing the real value of “social” - besides the low-hanging fruits of enhancing given processes with better information. It’s about providing the space for creativity, employee engagement and passion. It’s therefore the enablement for innovation and adaptability that is needed in a complex and highly competitive environment. To leverage this shift an evolution of the projects in this field and a revolution in thinking is needed. The Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT 2013 provides therefore the discussion platform for forward-thinking enablers of the “Social Enterprise (R)Evolution”. The Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT 2013 is the European gathering of experts and practioneers and discusses the experiences and drivers for this transformation. The key focus of the conference lies upon the challenges and approaches in mastering the transition from the adoption of social practices towards the business transformation enabled by social initiatives. The two-day conference is an intensive exchange of experiences and interactive workshops with the following characteristics:

  • Holistic discussions with insights from project and expert experiences on the Enterprise 2.0 Project Management, Social Business practices and the design of the Social Enterprise.
  • Keynotes with a forward-thinking impetus on cultural, organizational as well as technological challenges from Prof. Zwi Segal (Israel), David Gray (USA), Jon Husband (Canada), Euan Semple (UK), Prof. Richard Collin (France) and Dion Hinchcliffe (USA).
  • Management 2.0 Hackathon as participatory workshop on the future leadership model, the future organizational design and the HR 2.0 challenges.
  • Demo, design & game play corners for hands-on experiences on technology solutions & transformation methods.
As a yearly event the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT accumulates the results of the diverse online panel discussions from the “#e20s Expert Talks” and different “E2.0 Meetups” in Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt and Geneva on the journey to a better understanding about the Social Enterprise future.

About Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT

The Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT is a yearly conference organized by Kongress Media. It is a highly interactive gathering of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business experts and practioneers in Europe. Its uniqueness is the intensive exchange of experiences and practical insights as well as the participatory format. The upcoming event is scheduled for March 20 & 21 2013 at Cercle National des Armées in Paris. More information: http://e20summit.com The attendance fee is EUR 1290,- (with a special rate for consultants for only EUR 690,-) until Jan. 31th.

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